What to Expect from a Substance Abuse Treatment Center

By Frankie Vellbond

You cannot go into a substance abuse treatment center thinking that you will fake your way through the programs. If you do not have the willingness to work hard in the programs, you will fail. Think about it make sure you are ready.

The healing process within a substance abuse treatment center involves cleansing the patient's body and slowly weans their brain off the substance. The first step in the drug rehab process is drug detox. This is an extremely traumatic time for a patient as their body cleans out.

Drug detox is closely overseen by professional doctors and caregivers who have experience and training in the treatment of drug detox with medically proven treatments. After detox within a substance abuse treatment center, patients need to regain what they lost in physical strength with proper nutrition and physical exercise.

The patients also go through several therapy sessions to restore their mind and spirit giving them strength for further recovery from drug rehab. The ultimate goal of the drug detox process is to help the patient return to their former selves and to embrace the next day with hope and strength not fear and embarrassment. At the Cliffside Malibu substance abuse treatment center, your drug detox is in a safe and supportive environment.

Substance abuse warps the addict's body and mind to the extent that they have to have the drugs to live their daily lives. During drug detox, the body is gently taken off drugs. This is the "comfort detox" process. At Cliffside Malibu, our detox process is gentle, safe and fast. It prepares our patients to better face all the challenges further in the recovery process.

Understand that detox is just the first step of the drug rehab process. There are many more steps to come. Detox is important however so is the amount of time you spend in the substance abuse treatment center is. With that being said, Cliffside Malibu combines detox on an intimate nature into the substance abuse treatment program.

A patient that is educated and understands how they became addicts is a patient that is smart and will not fall back on the same path. It also helps if the substance abuse treatment center has an exercise center with personal trainers and yoga instructors. For immediate assistance, call Cliffside Malibu anytime at 1- 800-501-1988.

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